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    North London Grage
    An established peterol Filling Station Known Locally For Selling Fuel

    An established peterol Filling Station known locally for selling fuel at very competitive prices and and offering car wash facilities in addition to a rarely available lorry wash.Centrally located on the  edge of the busy road, with close proximity to highway.

    Despite the UK being Europe's second largest car market, the country only ranks sixth in terms of number of petrol stations in Europe. The United Kingdom is home to 8,378 operational petrol stations and those under development, while Italy ranks first with over 20,000 service stations.

    Compared to other West European countries of similar demographics, UK has a mortorisation rate of approx 1:2 motor vehicles per inhabitants, yet rates the highest in terms of number of motor vehicles per Patrol Filling Stations (PFS) at 4,211. Nearly 2.2 times higher than Italy and 1.5 times higher than France.

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